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A dream actually becomes reality

The idea

To drive through the vastness of the United States and once to experience all the wonderful natural beauty that one know from pictures – I had this image in mind for a long time. That it now apparently actually becomes reality and even on a motorcycle – I had not expected, to be honest. After we explored Sardinia and Slovenia/Istria on two wheels last year, we were both gripped by wanderlust. And after a few conversations in a phase in which things were not going so well for both of us professionally, Micha came up with the idea of a motorcycle tour through the USA and Canada. What he didn’t expect was that I didn’t find this idea so absurd.

And so, after some back and forth thinking and a few glasses of red wine, it was clear: We’ll do it.

The planning

We quickly agreed that we wanted to take enough time for this tour: Just take off and see what the next day brings or where it goes – without deadline pressure, which is all too familiar to us from our everyday professional lives. So it was clear that we would not only give up our jobs, but also our rented apartment in Munich. Also, it should be our own motorcycles on which we will be on the road. However, our bacon princess is not exactly optimal for such a long tour, which is why Micha was looking for a new family member and Gernot came into our lives.

For the rough planning of the route, we first got ourselves a large map of North America. IT guys don’t do everything digitally – we like to be a bit “old school” on the road. 😉 The map actually hung on a wall in our apartment, where we walked by every day. Over the next few weeks, we marked all the cities, nature parks and other sights we would like to visit on it with pins and finally connected them with a string. Thus we had a first approximate idea of the route. After comparing this with the climate zones in the USA & Canada as well as the possible starting and destination ports for the transport of Gernot & Gisi, our rough destination route took more and more shape over time.

The result

On the map below you can see our plan: We start in Washington D.C. and then want to drive counterclockwise around the USA to Miami. We will make a few detours to Canada in the north (we were already fascinated by this in 2019 on a motorhome trip) and probably into the interior of the USA in the south.

But how the route will actually run, that remains to be seen. We will keep you up to date. 🙂