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About us

Nadine Weber

Hello everyone! I am Nadine, 1980s year of construction and on the one hand for the reason but v.a. for the implementation of Micha’s ideas and thus for bubble moments and elephant time responsible. I find my balance in modern spirituality & positive psychology. With the motorcycle trip I fulfill one of my Big 5 for Life and am super happy to be able to do this with Gisi (and of course Micha).

Michael Schaub

Guden! I’m Micha, 37 years old and of the two of us definitely the one with the (supposedly) good ideas. Before my first double espresso I’m not good for anything (before the second usually not either) and I’m a big friend of almost every kind of humor and comedy. On the road I am now with Gernot, a BMW R1250 GS.

How we got into motorcycling

That was admittedly one of Micha’s (really) “good” ideas. After he once again told me about his wish “To sit on a motorcycle and know how it feels”, I started looking for a taster course. And indeed: I found what I was looking for – but I would have had to buy a voucher, which I somehow didn’t want to do. And that was a good thing, because: It was the end of 2019, just before the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. Much to the chagrin of my mother-in-law (sorry!), Micha did get a voucher – albeit a self-designed one.

After we, like everyone else, spent 2020 at home with as little contact as possible, I really wanted to redeem Micha’s voucher in the spring/summer of 2021. I therefore tried to book the trial course I had found for him. However, this was now no longer offered due to the too high hygiene requirements. So I researched again and finally phoned several driving schools in our area. When I actually already wanted to give up, I found what I was looking for … the only hurdle: You had to bring your own complete (!) motorcycle protective equipment.

For Micha, of course, this was no problem – after all ” … he buys equipment anyway”. My first thought: “Aha? That may cost 1,000-2,000 €. What do we do with it if you don’t get a driver’s license after the two hours of trial course?” (You can see that I am the sensible one of the two of us. But this argument didn’t count). After Micha asked if I would join and I couldn’t and wouldn’t say no (I made a resolution a few years ago to try things first before turning them down), I needed protective gear without spending a lot of money. Luckily, a very good friend of ours was riding a motorcycle at the time; she was willing to lend me her gear for the two hours (that I had in mind). And so we arranged the trial course, bought Micha’s equipment, did the first laps on two wheels and then it was clear – I needed my own motorcycle gear too.

Everyone said it couldn’t be done;
Then someone came along who didn’t know that and did it.

Our companions

Gisi Schweber

Has entered Nadine’s life in November 2021 & since February 2022 together with her “on tour”. She loves to ride through nature on nice days & is proud to be one of the “littler ones” in the GS family (she’s a BMW F750 GS) to get to experience the world with.

Gernot Schweber

Gernot, a BMW R1250GS, has been accompanying Micha since the end of 2022. On tours to Sardinia and Slovenia/Croatia, he unfortunately had to realize that his “bacon princess” (a BMW R nineT) is a great bike for day or weekend tours, but is not suitable for multi-day trips.