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Servus together, I’m Micha, the guy in the picture on the right in the funny Batman suit. I grew up and went to school in Darmstadt. After graduating from high school, I studied business informatics in Essen and Munich. I started my professional career as an IT consultant and then worked as a project manager for an insurance company. My last stop before our trip was as IT department manager for a manufacturer of design lamps.

I have a big soft spot for comedy and humor – even with a bit of depth – and often have a bit of a joke myself. My mom recently gave me a mug with the inscription “Der ganze Bua a Depp”, which actually sums it up quite well… My second passion is IT & technology. At school I started to deal with different operating systems & programming languages and domesticated the whole thing even further with my studies. Unfortunately, this had the consequence that I regularly think to need a new technology gadget, because that is incredibly important and useful. Really!

After trying out various other hobbies over the years, from martial arts to paragliding, I didn’t get into motorcycling until the tender age of 36. Looking back, that’s certainly a good thing, because as a blustery novice rider, I should never have been on a motorcycle under any circumstances. Although even now I imagined a NineT as my first motorcycle – classic beginner’s bike with 110hp boxer – I still have no idea how fast the “bacon princess” can actually run.